Different Types of Watch Batteries – All You Need to Know

At some point you will need a new watch battery and if you have gone to the store looking for one, you may have been overwhelmed by the variety available. By shopping online at batterystation.co.uk, finding the right battery for your watch will be an easy and painless experience. Here is an overview of the different types of watch batteries, along with their pros and cons.



Mercury watch batteries are banned in many places, due to the health risks if you come into contact with it as well as the impact it can have on the environment if not properly disposed of. A mercury watch battery tends to last about three years and is relatively cheap; though the dangerous nature of mercury makes them difficult to find.

Silver Oxide:

Despite the fact that they are made in the same way as mercury batteries, silver oxide batteries contain little to no environmental or health risk. These batteries can be found at most shops and can last about eighteen months.

Alkaline Watch Batteries:

The majority of cheap watches will have an alkaline battery already inside of them. They tend to be the cheapest batteries available and can be purchased almost anywhere. Those two factors make them one of the most used batteries in the world. The drawback to using an alkaline battery is their life, as they tend to only last several months.


Imagine not having to change your watch battery for up to ten years; lithium batteries have the longest life span and the highest capacity. Their longevity also makes them one of the most expensive watch batteries available. Additionally, they shouldn’t be used in watches that drain batteries quickly.

Even though each type of battery has its own average life span, each watch can use a different level of power to keep it ticking. Consider how much of a drain your watch may put on a battery as this can help you make a more informed decision. No matter what type of battery you happen to choose for your watch, batterystation.co.uk will have you covered. With a large selection of batteries at affordable prices, finding the right battery will be a piece of cake.