Ultralife 9V U9VL-FP Blister Packed Lithium Battery | 1 Pack

Product code(s): 9V, 6LR61, MN1604, 6LR1, PC1604, 1604LC, K9V, 6AM-6, 4022, 6AM6, E-BLOCK

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Product Description

Ideal for reliable power in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and small medical devices, U9VL Ultralife 9-Volt batteries also provide long service in wireless security and instrumentation equipment.

Key features include:

    • Remarkably high energy density.
    • Extended storage life: up to ten years with minimal loss.
    • Wide range of operating temperatures, from -20° to +60° Celsius.
    • Fully compliant with UL2054 recommended safety standards and UL217 smoke detector tests.
    • Very low magnetic signature, thanks to a stainless steel outer container and non-magnetic cell construction.
    • Internal safety shutdown separators, which prevent overheating.
    • Typical discharge 500 mA and maximum nominal capacity of 1.2 A/h (900 Ohm load).

Depending on usage and cut-off voltage, U9VL lithium batteries can last up to five times longer than their leading alkaline counterparts. The advanced design and battery technology combine to produce high pulse or continuous current levels, protected by a polymer positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) resettable fuse that limits pulse current to 1.5 Amps maximum or 0.7 Amps continuously.

This new single rectangular Ultralife 9V battery comes blister packed. The battery weight is 37 grammes; approximate dimensions are 48.8 millimetres (height) by 26 millimetres (width), with a depth of 17 millimetres. This product is also known by the following replacement battery size codes: 1604LC, 4022, 6AM-6, 6LR61, 6LR1, K9V, PC1604 and E-BLOCK.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU ULF-LB-01448
Manufacturer Part Number U9VL-FP
EAN Code 740286100222
Weight (g) 40.0000
Chemistry Lithium
Units per box/card 1
Voltage 9V
Dimensions (mm) Height: 48.8mm Width: 26mm Depth: 16.9mm
Item Codes 9V, 6LR61, MN1604, 6LR1, PC1604, 1604LC, K9V, 6AM-6, 4022, 6AM6, E-BLOCK