Energizer Alkaline Power AA LR6 Batteries | 4 + 1 Pack

Product code(s): AA, MN1500, LR6, PC1500, E91, AM3, LR6/M, KAA, 4006, AM-3

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Product Description

This pack of 5 AA Energizer batteries has been re-branded with an updated logo while still delivering the same reliable power that this company has become known for. One of the most notable improvements is the inclusion of an expiration date on each battery. This is ideal for those who wish to keep track of their remaining lifespan when they are located outside of the pack.

Energizer Alkaline Power batteries are suited for use within torches, portable games, GPS systems, remote controls, MP3 players and clock radios (to name only a few devices). These units also offer superior leakage protection when compared to variants such as carbon-zinc batteries. Each delvers a steady supply of 1.5 volts and weighs 100 grams. They are 51 millimetres long and 15 millimetres in diameter (the standard size for a AA battery). Their long-lasting power is complimented by packs of 5 that are offered at extremely reasonable prices. Thus, Energizer Alkaline Power batteries are some of the most popular choices for affordable and yet extremely reliable power.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU ENE-AB-02038
EAN Code 7638900246599
Weight (g) 155.0000
Chemistry Alkaline
Units per box/card 5
Voltage 1.5V
Dimensions (mm) Height: 51mm Diameter: 15mm
Item Codes AA, MN1500, LR6, PC1500, E91, AM3, LR6/M, KAA, 4006, AM-3