Canon Camcorder Batteries

The Canon camcorder batteries listed in this section have been selected for their excellent quality, durability, and reliability. These batteries are specifically manufactured to offer optimal compatibility with the most popular Canon camcorders including the ZR, MVX, NB, LEGRIA, and FV series, among many other models. In addition, the batteries featured below are fully compatible with Canon's proprietary chargers, so getting your camera or camcorder ready to use is easy and hassle-free.

These memory-free lithium ion batteries allow users to recharge their Canon Camcorders without needing to wait for a full discharge. The output voltage of these batteries ranges from 7.4V and their capacity varies between 720mAh and 1400mAh to give you wider choice.

The lightweight design of these batteries, along with their fantastic ability to retain a full charge, makes them a reliable and convenient replacement battery for a wide range of camcorders and digital cameras. Take them with you as a spare and they will provide you with long-lasting power for your Canon device anytime and anywhere.