JVC Camcorder Batteries

Camcorders use a vast amount of battery power, and their portability means that the battery has to be long-lasting and reliable. Inferior or worn-out battery packs may suddenly and inexplicably lose power, ruining a recording in the process.

Ansmann provide the highest quality replacement battery packs for JVC camcorders. Their replacement battery packs are available for a wide range of JVC models, and they feature a massive 4000mAh capacity. Ansmann camcorder batteries use lithium-ion technology to ensure reliability and guard against sudden failure during recording.

Li-ion batteries have no charge 'memory', so they can be re-charged at any level without negatively affecting their maximum capacity. They also have excellent charge retention, so a charged battery pack can be kept as a spare for fieldwork.

These batteries also feature an integrated safety circuit board that prevents damage to the battery through over-charging, short-circuiting, overload or deep discharge. They can be recharged many times without a reduction in performance. They will discharge at a steady rate without affecting the performance of the equipment, even when close to empty.