Canon Camera Batteries

The highly reputable German company, Ansmann, has produced a range of economic, rechargeable, lithium ion battery packs that can be used in many Canon digital cameras including the IXUS and Powershot range. They are specifically designed so as to replace the power supply by the OEM (original equipment manufacturers) making the batteries work more efficiently than those simply labelled 'compatible'.

These lithium ion batteries have high capacity, low self-discharge rates and are free from 'memory effects'. This makes them reliable, storable for long periods and rechargeable at any time. It is not neccessary for the battery to have almost run out in order to recharge it as the cell does not 'remember' any small remaining capacity when previously recharged. Although some people like to buy OEM parts, many have found it cheaper, and just as reliable, to buy aftermarket replacements particularly when they are manufactured by a company with the reputation of Ansmann. Replacing the power supply, as these battery packs do, makes the replacement cells more reliable than those simply marked 'compatible'. These cells can either be used to replace OEM batteries or they can be kept in storage so that spares are available when needed. The battery packs are all sold singly.