Casio Camera Batteries

Ansmann provide quality lithium-ion batteries which are a direct replacement for the batteries in many Casio cameras.

These batteries are available in sizes NP20, NP40, NP60, NP70, NP90, NP110, NP120 and NP130 depending on the type of battery used in each camera model. They are suitable for use in The Casio Exilim range of digital cameras, and the NP40 is also a direct replacement for the power cell in some models of BenQ cameras, such as the DC-P500 and the E510/E520 series.

The lithium-ion technology used in these batteries means they deliver stable performance throughout the charging range, with no deterioration in camera functionality and no sudden shut-down. They are fully compatible with the original Casio/BenQ charger, and their stable chemistry means that there is no detrimental effect on the camera's memory regardless of charge level when re-charged.

These batteries are long-lasting and retain their charge when not in use, so they make an ideal spare battery for fieldwork. The lightweight design also adds very little weight to the camera, retaining ease of use.