Fuji Camera Batteries

The Fuji NP range of batteries from Ansmann has an international reputation for reliability and durability. Because these cells have been developed using lithium-ion technology they have a high capacity level and virtually no memory effect. This means that they do not have to be fully discharged before recharging takes place. In a range of different voltages and amp capacity, one of these packs will be a perfect replacement for your Fuji digital camera energy cell. Keeping a spare battery pack for use at a later date is no problem because they can be stored with very little leakage for up to 12 months, under normal conditions. They are also compatible with standard battery chargers.

Lithium-ion 'energy density' levels is double that of ordinary nickel-cadmium cells. These types of batteries have a low maintenance requirement and self-discharge is negligible. This range of batteries is 100 per cent suitable for Fuji digital cameras that require a stable energy supply with a high capacity and long life. The Ansmann brand is synonymous with high performing cells that deliver dependable power at price that is economical.