Go Pro Camera Batteries

GoPro users know how vital it is to have a fully charged battery that can be relied upon to capture every second of action, whether they are snowboarding down a mountain or diving through coral reefs. Keeping a spare battery or two in reserve will give peace of mind as well as increasing the amount of footage that can be shot. Purchasing one of these high-quality replacement batteries is also a good option if the original manufacturers battery has lost its power to recharge or has become damaged.

All the replacement GoPro batteries that we offer are fully compatible with a variety of GoPro Hero active camcorder models, from HERO1 to HERO4+, with specific compatibility fit details given with each battery description. These environmentally-friendly cells are completely rechargeable and meet the same rigorous specifications as the original batteries supplied with the GoPro. They use Lithium-ion technology to give reliable power while remaining lightweight and portable.

Our GoPro replacement camera batteries are supplied by Ansmann and KingMa, two battery specialists who are known for their high-quality and reliable products. Whether purchased as a replacement or a spare, these exceptional batteries are a cost-effective alternative to manufacturer cells and will fit in a range of GoPro camcorder models to ensure that every second of action is safely captured.