Minolta Camera Batteries

First rate, rechargeable battery packs made by the highly reputable technology leader, Ansmann, can be economically used to directly replace NP-900 and NP-200 batteries used in Minolta digital cameras including those in the Voigtlander Virtus, Rollei Prego and Konica Minolta DIMAGE ranges. These lithium-ion batteries can be recharged using a Minolta factory charger.

The lithium-ion battery technology these cells use make them reliable and long-lasting as they retain high capacity compared to those using other technologies and their very low rate of self-discharge make them suitable to keep as spares as well as for use as replacement batteries. The lithium ion cell technology also has the advantage that there will be no 'memory' issues so that the batteries can be recharged, using a Minolta factory charger, without being fully discharged first. Some batteries, not using this technology, seem to 'remember' the lowest remaining empty capacity they have been previously recharged at thereby only allowing limited recharging. These Ansmann lithium ion cells are therefore worthwhile both as direct replacement batteries for the NP-900 and NP-200 cells used in Minolta digital cameras as well as for spares when needed.