Olympus Camera Batteries

Developed using lithium-ion chemistry this range of Ansmann rechargeable power cells is perfect for use as a replacement source of energy for Olympus cameras. Digital cameras require not only a reliable source of energy but this must be delivered at a constant rate even if a battery is not fully charged. With this range of rechargeable cells not only do you get robustness and high-performance levels; you also are guaranteed constant power even when a cell is nearly empty. The power capacities of these cells are 650mAH, 1140mAH, 1100nAH and 1050mAH. The nominal voltages are 3.7V and 7.4V.

Rechargeable batteries are not only highly cost-effective, but they are also environmentally friendly because they can be used more than once. This range of Olympus replacement cells has no memory effect so can be recharged even when not empty. They are sold in individual packs, and each battery comes fully charged and ready to be used or stored until needed. These cells have very little self-discharge so can be stored for a long time under normal conditions and will last through hundreds of recharging cycles. Because they retain their charge for long periods, they are perfect for cameras that are not in regular use.