Ricoh Camera Batteries

German company Ansmann has developed a high-quality range of batteries to use as replacement power packs on selected cameras from Ricoh Caplio. Because digital cameras are high drain devices that need a constant supply of power, this range is perfect because each rechargeable cell is efficient, robust, long lasting and gives a high level of performance throughout its life. These batteries use advanced lithium-ion rechargeable technology and have a nominal voltage value of 3.7V and deliver power capacities of 1150mAH and 850mAH.

By using rechargeable cells, you are not only saving money but are also helping the environment. They are sold in individual packs and are purchased fully charged so can be used straight away or stored for use at a later date. There is no memory effect in this range so that any battery can be recharged at any time during its life cycle; you don't need to wait until it is fully discharged, which is very convenient. Another great feature of this range is that they do not suffer from high self-drainage so they can be stored for a long time and still retain most of their power. Low self-drainage is ideal if you are using this type of battery in a camera that is not used very often. These power packs can be used with the Ricoh charging station and will go through hundreds of charging cycles before substitution is necessary.