Rollei Camera Batteries

Ansmann has developed an efficient and robust range of replacement camera cells, which can be utilised as a high-capacity source of rechargeable energy. German company Ansmann is considered to be one of the world's best for technological achievement in high-tech battery development. Cameras rely on power packs that not only have high energy levels but also deliver a constant flow even when not fully charged. These batteries have been manufactured using Lithium-ion chemistry and are an ideal power pack replacement for selected camera models from Rollei, Minox, Aldo Traveller, Maginon and Hitachi brands.

With a 3.7V Voltage and a power capacity that is rated at 1150mAH this range is available for use straight from the pack, or can be stored as a back-up to be used when required. Because they are bought individually, they offer a cost effective means of powering your digital camera.