Samsung Camera Batteries

This range of rechargeable batteries has been developed by Ansmann to fit Samsung cameras as replacement power packs. They are available in both 3.7V or 7.4V volts and have variable power capacities of 600mAH, 1100mAH, 800mAH, 900mAH, 700mAH, 1660mAH, and 770mAH. These cells have been developed using lithium-ion chemistry, which means that every unit has a very high energy output level and a low weight. They are available to be utilised fully charged straight from the pack or stored to be used at you convenience.

With no memory effect, you can choose when to recharge this type of battery even when it is not entirely empty. Low self-drainage means that they can be stored under normal conditions for a long time with no discernible energy loss. Lithium-ion batteries are durable, hard working and long lasting, and will deliver a constant source of energy through their life cycle. They are compatible with Samsung chargers, and will last through hundreds of recharging cycles.