Sony Camera Batteries

Ansmann has developed for Sony, a range of rechargeable batteries that use lithium-ion advanced technology for use in camcorders and cameras. The NP battery range offers efficient, durable, robust and long-lasting rechargeable power that is perfect for Sony cameras and camcorders. Individually packed for economy this range of cells comes with voltages of 3.7V and 7.4V. They have power capacities of 600mAH, 650mAH, 700mAH, 900mAH, 1000mAH, 1500mAH and 1600mAH. Compatible with Sony factory chargers, these rechargeable cells deliver constant power even when not 100 per cent full. The Ansmann range has no memory effect so can be charged at your convenience rather than having to wait until the unit is completely empty.

These batteries are available as a direct replacement for Sony packs and are economical enough to buy as a spare for use when required. Because they have very little self-discharge each battery can be stored for an extended period without any discernible loss in capability.