Transistor Radio Batteries

As the name suggests, these batteries were originally used as a power source for early transistor radios and are suitable for use in vintage radios, meters and lanterns. These rectangular batteries feature polarized snap connectors and come in a range of sizes. They are available in primary zinc-carbon or alkaline chemistry.

We currently stock the Panasonic PP9 transistor radio battery. This rare battery uses zinc-carbon chemistry and is ideal for low drain devices which cannot be powered with a more modern style of battery.

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  • Eveready PP9 Transistor Radio Battery | 1 Pack

    Eveready PP9 Transistor Radio Battery | 1 Pack


    This carbon-zinc specialist battery from Eveready was widely used in classic marine lanterns and radios. While it is a 9V battery with a rectangular case, it is NOT to be confused with the much smaller PP3 9V cell. Also known by its IEC designation of...
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