303/357 (SR44) Watch Batteries

The 303/357 battery is a silver oxide button cell used in many popular brand-name watches. You may also find it as a power source for hand-held calculators and other small devices. It is also known as an SR44 or K576 and is a direct replacement for LR44, AG13, SG13 and several other cells. This style is among the largest of the most common watch batteries with a case that measures 11.6mm in diameter by 5.4mm thick. The output is 1.55V and typical capacities are in the 170 - 200mAh range.

NOTE: There are a wide range of button cells with this diameter, in various thicknesses, so be certain to check the manufacturer’s replacement list when in doubt.

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  • Duracell 357/303 SR44W Button Cell Batteries | 2 Pack

    Duracell 357/303 SR44W Button Cell Batteries | 2 Pack


    The Duracell DL357/303 is a SR44W compatible battery that was created with high power in mind. It is produced to run many small electronic devices and is used extensively in watches. This battery is designed to last much longer than many standard watch...
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