Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro Battery Charger with USB Charger

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Product Description

Today's portable electronics devices perform better when powered by rechargeable batteries. What's more, the average consumer will save money over time and help reduce toxic waste as well as conserve natural resources by using rechargeable batteries. Managing the AA and AAA batteries to operate everything in your household or business can be frustrating, especially if some of those batteries have been around for a while. This NiCd/NiMH battery charger, analyser and conditioner, from the world's leader in battery technology, can make the task much easier and save you even more money. It also serves as a charging station for USB devices like cell pones and tablets.

The charger features 4 individually microprocessor controlled, multi-function stations. Each station can accept either an AA or AAA NiCd or NiMH cell and any combination of 1 to 4 batteries can be managed simultaneously. Charging current for each station is selectable as 400mA / 600mA / 800mA for 1 to 4 batteries and with 1 -2 batteries 1500mA and 1800mA settings are also available. In addition to Charge mode, each station can be set to 3 other modes, including Discharge, Test, which charges the battery, discharges and measures capacity, then recharges and Refresh, which cycles between discharging and charging to rejuvenate old batteries.

The charging program and progress of each station is displayed on a large LCD so you can see the exact status of each battery. In addition to the program selected, the display shows voltage, capacity, current and time. Microprocessor controlled functions, multiple overcharge protection, reverse polarity detection and protection, alkaline and defective cell detection and multiple overcharge protection are resident for each slot, as well as trickle charging to keep batteries at peak capacity.

The Powerline 4 Pro comes with switchable input power (120VAC and 240VAC) and interchangeable plugs, so it's globally universal. A 12VDC adapter is also included, to let you charge up on the road. With its 5V, 1A USB charging port, it makes a great travel charger for your mobile devices, too. It carries a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Save yourself money by getting the maximum life out of your rechargeable batteries with this charger, analyser and conditioner from Ansmann.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU ANN-CH-02179
Manufacturer Part Number 1001-0005-UK
EAN Code 4013674017621
Weight (g) 310.0000
Units per box/card 1
Power (Watts) 400mA, 600mA, 800mA, 1500mA, 1800mA
RRP Per Box 36.95
Item Codes Charges AA & AAA Batteries
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