RC Battery Chargers

These chargers are designed for recharging the battery packs of RC vehicles such as cars and helicopters. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are the most common kind of batteries used in these products.

RC vehicles are very high drain devices and considerable savings can be made by investing in rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. To ensure that batteries are not over or undercharged, the RC charger should be selected to match the battery pack. This improves performance and prolongs the lifespan of the batteries.

We currently stock two Ansmann RC battery chargers; the Ansmann Powerjack 6 Delta Pro 7.2V Racing Pack Charger and the Ansmann Powerjack 6-8 Racing Pack 7.2V Charger. Both of these RC chargers are designed for batteries using NiCd or NiMH chemistry.