Xtar SV2 Rocket Charger Set for Li-ion Batteries

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Product Description

Now, with the Xtar Rocket SV2 charger set at your disposal, you have the option to charge two specialist lithium-ion batteries simultaneously, each at a current of up to 2.0 Amps. This outstanding dual channel performance is double the industry standard and enables high-speed charging of Li-Ion 18650 and 26650 batteries and Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride) cells alike.

For extra convenience, the Xtar Rocket SV2 set comes with a full complement of international charger snap-in adapters, as well as a 12-Volt plug-in car adapter.

Other key features of the Rocket SV2 battery charger include:

  • Versatility: adapts to different sizes and types of battery, with independent charging current control for each slot.
  • Ability to fully recharge two 2,500 mA/h batteries within 90 minutes.
  • An easy to read blue and white LED screen which displays battery power, charging programme status and current. Selectable backlight.
  • Optimal recharging of TC/CC/CV Li-ion batteries, for maximum battery service life.
  • Pulse charging of Ni-MH standard rechargeable cells.
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity safety protection.
  • Inbuilt temperature monitoring, with flame-retardant construction and a sophisticated design to dissipate heat effectively.
  • Automatic detection and refresh function to revive low voltage and damaged 0V batteries.
  • Recommended operating temperature range: between 0°C and 40 degrees Celsius.
  • A standard two-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 0.25A Constant Current = 250mA
  • 0.5A Constant Current = 500mA
  • 1A Constant Current = 1000mA
  • 2A Constant Current = 2000mA

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU XTA-CH-02996
EAN Code 6952918320630
Weight (g) 115.0000
0.25 A Constant Current 250mA
0.5A CC Current 500mA
1.0A CC Current 1000mA
2.0A CC Current 2000mA
Input Power 12 DC/2.0A
Operational Temperature -40°C
Cut Off Voltage Li-ion :4.2V Ni-MH/Ni-CD: 1.45V
Dimensions (mm) L117.5mm W75mm H38mm
Item Codes SV2
Max Charging Current 4A
Max Current / Channel 2A
Charging Slots 2