Xtar MP1S Battery Charger Set for 18650

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Product Description

Speciality LED torches for activities like diving, sports, military or search and rescue applications, as well as the new electronic cigarettes provide more reliable service at less cost when powered by high-capacity, rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Xtar, a major manufacturer of high-tech torches and lithium batteries, provides this model as a simple, reliable charging solution for these speciality batteries that's ready to use anywhere. It's versatile, compact and can be powered in several different ways, making it ideal for professionals on the go.

Li-ion batteries are a popular power source for high-end products, due to their high capacities, reliability and eco-friendliness. The trade-off is the need for specialized charging equipment that provides the two-stage voltage and current required for proper charging as well as safety features to avoid damage to the cells and possible combustion. This charger is equipped with everything needed to handle the process safely and simply, with little interaction from the consumer. Charging is constantly monitored by an on-board feedback circuit that controls the charging steps automatically. Temperature monitoring, reverse polarity protection and auto shutoff are all incorporated.

The unit comes with button-style spacers that screw together to adapt to various cell sizes. Power adapters are included to allow you to draw power from a USB port, 12VDC auto socket or a standard UK wall plug. This is not a waterproof unit and should not be used outdoors. It is intended only for use with 3.7V Li-ion batteries.

Since we stock both the batteries and chargers here in the UK, you don't need to wait for weeks to receive these high-tech power sources. Now that you know that, there's no reason not to order yours today and start doing your part to save the planet.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU XTA-CH-02159
EAN Code 6952918320074
Weight (g) 20.0000
Chemistry Lithium
Units per box/card 1
Voltage 3.6V|3.7V
Item Codes Charges 18650 Batteries