Xtar SP2 Battery Charger Set for 18650

Product code(s): Charges 18650 Batteries

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Product Description

This battery charger provides an economical, safe and reliable means to charge Xtar's 110440, 16340, 14500, 14650, 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, and 18700 Li-ion batteries. These cells, intended for use in high-tech torches and electronic cigarettes, have specific requirements for safe recharging and long life. This charger meets those requirements in a compact, easy-to-use package that lets you tailor the charge to meet your current needs and help ensure top performance and the maximum number of cycles from your batteries. Because it's from Xtar, the Japanese manufacturer of flashlights for divers, military personnel, sports participants and other specialities, you can rest assured it's engineered to keep their batteries for those lights in top condition.

As most consumers know, lithium ion power cells, while environmentally friendly, require sophisticated technology, both internally and in recharging equipment, to be used safely. This charger includes the necessary circuitry to automatically monitor and control the complex, two-stage charging process and maximize the potential of these high-end batteries. It features undervoltage lock out to prevent damage to over-drained cells, and real-time monitoring of charging status. Three charging rates are manually selectable, including 0.25A, 0.5A, and 1A, to let you choose the right current rate for the batteries in the stations, to help retain maximum capacity. After selecting the rate, charging is completely automatic.

LED indicators let you check the charging status of each cell at a glance. Spring-loaded contacts eliminate the need for spacers to charge different battery types. PWM charging power helps ensure maximum capacity and longer battery life for all applicable batteries. Overall, this charger makes getting the most out of your special-purpose Li-ion batteries a simple matter.

If you're making or have already made the switch to more ecologically sound Li-ion rechargeable batteries, it simply makes good sense to use charging equipment that keeps those cells in peak operating condition for the maximum possible number of cycles. Now that you can buy the best and have it shipped from right here in the UK, there's no reason not to have a high-tech charger for your high-tech renewable energy source.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU XTA-CH-02160
Manufacturer Part Number 6952918324072
EAN Code 6952918324072
Weight (g) 392.0000
Units per box/card 1
Voltage 3.6V|3.7V
Item Codes Charges 18650 Batteries
Uses Charging specialist flashlight batteries
Chemistry Lithium