Xtar VP2 Battery Charger Set for 18650 Li-Ion Batteries

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Product Description

This specialist Xtar VP2 Battery Charger Set has been designed to charge the brand's high-quality 26650, 25500, 22650, 18700, 18650, 18500, 18350, 17670, 17500, 14650, 14500, 16340 and 10440 lithium-ion batteries, which are compatible with specific flashlights and electronic cigarette models, as well as rechargeable RCR123A cells. This affordable set includes a high-end VP2 battery charger, together with a US/EU/JP AC adaptor and a car adaptor.

Compact for portability, the Xtar VP2 battery charger boasts two independently functioning charging channels, accurate battery level and voltage LCD displays, and a 5V 1A USB powerbank, so you can also use it to charge compatible smartphones and other devices. It uses an algorithm charging system and has three charging current options: 0.25A = 2580+30mA, 0.5A = 500+50mA, 1.0A = 1000+80mA.

The VP2 battery charger in this Xtar set has optional charging voltages of 3.2V for Li-FePO4 batteries, and 3.6V and 3.7V for Li-ion batteries. Safe and reliable, it also features a soft start function, so it won't get damaged by large energy surges, while its circuit board incorporates reverse-polarity protection.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU XTA-CH-02764
EAN Code 6952918326663
Weight (g) 135.0000
Units per box/card 1
0.25 A Constant Current 250 + 30mA
0.5A CC Current 500 + 50mA
1.0A CC Current 1000 +80mA
Input Power 12.0 DC/1.0A
Operational Temperature 0-40°C
Termination Voltage 3.2V 3.60 + 0.05V
Termination Voltage 3.6V 4.20 + 0.05V
Termination Voltage 3.8V 4.35 + 0.05V
3.2V Voltage Gear 3.3 + 0.15V
3.6/3.8V Voltage Gear 3.9 + 0.15V
TC of 0.25A/0.5A <50mA
TC of 1.0A <80mA
USB Over Discharge Protection Voltage 3.0 + 0.2V
Voltage Display Precision + 0.03V
USB Max Output Current 1000mA
USB Output Voltage 5.0 + 0.3V
Dimensions (mm) 118.0 length x 62.0 width x 34.0 height
Item Codes VP2
Max Charging Current 1A
Max Current / Channel 1A
Charging Slots 2