Battery Testers

Battery testers enable you to test cells to see whether or not they have any charge left in them. Some battery testers will tell you how much charge is left and some can also identify faulty cells.

You can use a compatible battery tester to find out whether or not disposable cells lying around your house or in your store cupboard are still usable, or to establish when rechargeable cells need to be charged. You can also use a battery tester to help you work out whether a non-functioning device is broken or simply not working because of a faulty cell. Some battery testers use LED lights to indicate charge levels and faulty cells, while others also emit sounds.

We sell a range of affordable battery testers, including products designed to test rechargeable and disposable batteries, and testers which are suitable for use with NimH, NicD, ZnO and alkaline cells. We also stock battery testers which can test different sized cells, including AAA, AA, C and D cylindrical batteries, coin cells, and 9V block batteries.