AA Batteries

AA Batteries are the most commonly used battery worldwide and found in hundreds of thousands of devices. IEC Codes for AA batteries include the popular LR6 for AA alkaline and HR6 for NiMH rechargeable batteries. Normal voltage is 1.5V whereas rechargeable batteries generally provide about 1.2V. New AA lithium batteries provide a much increased capacity at a slightly higher price making them great value.

Each AA battery is 51mm long and 14mm in diameter and available in a variety of different types including popular alkaline batteries, long life lithium and rechargeable batteries of varying capacity. Alkaline AA batteries have a shelf-life of around 6 years while the lithium AA equivalents will last up to 9 year before use. Rechargeable AA batteries are now available in NiMH with capacities up to 2850mAh and also available in new 'pre-charged' technology allowing you to use them, straight from the packet.

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  • JCB Super Alkaline AA LR6 Batteries | 20 Pack

    JCB Super Alkaline AA LR6 Batteries | 20 Pack


    These cost-effective JCB Super Alkaline AA batteries have a voltage of 1.5V. Coming in a pack of 20, these batteries are single-use and will supply long-lasting power to a variety of medium to high drain devices, including radios, electric toothbrushes,...
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