CR2016 Coin Cells

The CR2016 is a battery that is useful in many small electronic devices. It works well as a replacement for many brands of watches, along with providing high energy for calculators, PDA devices, medical devices, toys, and more. With a long shelf life of as much as ten years, this battery is an economical choice that allows you to stock up so that you never have to run out of batteries. These CR2016 batteries offer continuous voltage and are temperature resistant even in the most extreme of temperature changes. They will work perfectly as a replacement for your same-sized battery and will give you a higher performance than you thought possible.

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  • Panasonic CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries | 6 Pack

    Panasonic CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries | 6 Pack


    Panasonic CR2016 batteries are highly reliable and can function at temperatures as low as -20oC and as high as +65oC. These cells use lithium chemistry to deliver a voltage of 3V and a capacity of 80-90mAh. With a diameter of 12.5mm and a height of only...
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