CR2430 Coin Cells

CR2430 coin cells measure in with a 24.5mm diameter and a height of 5.0mm. They are non-rechargeable lithium batteries that offer a long-shelf life for easy storage. CR2430 batteries have a capacity of 300mAh and an operating temperature range of -30 to +60 Celsius. With more power than comparable models of zinc batteries, this battery model works for brands of cameras, calculators, and other handheld electronic devices that use this size of battery. With a long shelf life of as much as ten years, users can stock up and keep a steady supply on hand.

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  • GP CR2430 Coin Cell Batteries | 1 Pack

    GP CR2430 Coin Cell Batteries | 1 Pack


    Presented in a pack containing one GP CR2430 coin cell, this single-use battery is frequently used in devices ranging from key fobs and calculators to small, medical applications. Manufactured to a high standard, GP has used lithium technology to ensure...
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