A11 Batteries

A11 batteries are usually found in garage door remotes, calculators, wrist watches, key fobs, car and motorbike alarms, electronic cigarettes and some digital cameras. These batteries provide a reliable and durable power supply to small devices thanks to their alkaline cell chemistry, which offers higher energy density, an improved shelf life and enhanced capacity when compared to other battery types.

To ensure optimal performance in small devices, all the A11 batteries featured below have a voltage of 6v and a nominal capacity of 38mAh. When stored under the right conditions, they offer up to 80 hours of continued power. Below you will find A11 batteries from leading manufacturers, such as Ansmann and Energizer. These alkaline batteries are available as single units, in packs of 2 batteries each, and also in bulk to offer even better value for money.

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  • Energizer A11 MN11 L1016 Battery | 2 Pack

    Energizer A11 MN11 L1016 Battery | 2 Pack


    The Energizer A11 Battery is Energizer's high quality replacement for highly sought-after Vinnic L1016 batteries. Generally hard to find, the A11 powers a range of miniature devices including many makes of garage door opener, car alarm devices and also...
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