A23 Batteries

A23 Batteries have a nominal voltage of 12V, are of the Dry-cell type and are mainly utilised in homes, offices, shops and factories for powering Bluetooth headsets, garage door openers, some home security systems and remote car locking electronic devices. These disposable cells are available in individual packs from Ansmann and Panasonic and have been developed using alkaline chemistry. These are multipurpose single use batteries that offer consumers an alternative product to lithium energy units at a lower cost. This range has a power capacity of 55mAH.

Both Ansmann and Panasonic have global reputations for developing quality batteries, and the A23 range delivers durable and trustworthy disposable power where needed. The individual packs are economical enough to enable purchasers to keep some batteries around the house as spares for when they are needed.

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  • GP 23A A23 MN21 Batteries | 5 Pack

    GP 23A A23 MN21 Batteries | 5 Pack


    Available in a card strip of five, the GP 23A High Voltage Alkaline Battery is a small, cylindrical, 12 volt battery rated at a nominal capacity of 55mAh. Measuring just 10.22mm in diameter and 28.5mm in height, this small and light but powerful battery...
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