Duracell Lithium Batteries

Renowned for delivering long-lasting, reliable power, Duracell lithium batteries last for up to eight times longer than equivalent alkaline cells. This extended service life means that their price tag represents a cost-effective option, especially in safety-critical and demanding applications such as smoke alarms or photography flash units. The relatively light battery weight is advantageous in hand-held equipment and portable meters, too.
Duracell lithium replacements are now also available for popular batteries such as size codes AA, AAA and 9V or E-BLOCK cells, in addition to specialist sizes. A top choice for devices that need occasional bursts of current, other frequent applications include grooming products, high-tech flashlights, PIR security system detectors, night-vision goggles, scopes and sensors.
Packed with performance and offering all the reliability of this leading brand, the Duracell lithium battery range goes on working long after conventional equivalents fail – even at extremely hot or cold temperatures.

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  • Duracell Lithium DL223 (CRP2P) Battery | 1 Pack

    Duracell Lithium DL223 (CRP2P) Battery | 1 Pack


    This Duracell High Power Lithium 6V lithium photo battery is engineered to help you get the best performance from your film or digital camera, by providing long-lasting, reliable power. In fact, the batteries in the High Power Lithium line are Duracell’s...
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