Maxell CR2032 Batteries

Manufactured with the latest lithium-based manganese dioxide battery technology, Maxell CR2032 3V coin or button cells deliver a peak power capacity of 220 mA/h. Typical uses for these single-use replacement batteries include remote controls, car key fobs, calculators, wrist watches, miniature toys and some types of bathroom scales. Additionally, CR2032 Maxell batteries supply long-lasting current in active shutter 3D TV glasses, as well as certain kinds of wireless doorbell.
Maxell CR2032 coin cells weigh just 3.0 grammes, with a diameter of 20 millimetres. They measure 3.2 millimetres in height. Versatile and reliable, 3.0 Volt CR-2032 cells are direct substitutes for BR2032, L2032, DL2032, EA2032C, ECR2032, L14, LF1/2V and SB-T15 size codes. Maxell recommends usage between a minimum temperature of minus -30°C and a maximum of 60° Celsius.

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    Maxell CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries | 5 Pack

    Maxell CR2032 Coin Cell Batteries | 5 Pack


    Maxell CR2032 disposable batteries provide consumers with a highly stable battery which can operate through a large range of temperatures. The compact and lightweight design of these batteries means that they are perfect for powering small, handheld...
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