Bulk C Batteries

Buying C batteries in bulk, can offer an economical alternative to standard sized packs. For the average consumer, or professional users such as schools and hospitals, savings from buying in bulk packs can be considerable. Waste from packaging is also much lower and this can help improve environment concerns.

By offering packages of 10 or more, top manufacturers save money on packaging and pass those savings on to the user. By choosing to buy your bulk batteries online through Battery Station, you’ll realise even greater savings over in-store pricing. Choose from standard or industrial grade C batteries to best suit your needs.

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  • Duracell Plus C LR14 Batteries | 6 Pack

    Duracell Plus C LR14 Batteries | 6 Pack


    These long lasting batteries are one of the latest developments from Duracell, offering longer lasting power for devices like torches, portable entertainment centers and toys. If you need high-quality, single use alkaline C cells for any low to medium...
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