Bulk CR123A Lithium Batteries

CR123A batteries are the power supply for many security alarm systems, camera equipment and other devices that demand high power and low self-discharge. For many organizations, powering many such devices can be an expensive proposition at individual battery prices.

Buying CR123A cells in bulk packs offers these users a way to save up to hundreds of pounds. Thanks to the very long shelf life of these cells, “stocking up” can be very economical. Battery Station stocks CR123A lithium batteries from top brand manufacturers for your convenience, at even greater savings over in-store pricing.

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  • Ansmann Bulk CR123A Lithium Batteries | Box of 50

    Ansmann Bulk CR123A Lithium Batteries | Box of 50


    This high-capacity, single-use photo battery from one of the world’s leaders in battery technology is ideally suited to use in digital and film cameras as well as similar high-demand devices. Its lithium chemistry makes it exceptionally lightweight and...
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