Bulk CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries

Buying coin cell batteries like the CR2016 can be expensive over time, especially if your operations involve the use of PDAs, calculators, pagers and similar devices. Buying bulk packs makes good sense if you use a substantial number of these batteries for any reason.

By buying quantities of 10 or more, you save, because the manufacturer saves on packaging costs. Because these lithium button batteries have an extremely long shelf life, it’s practical to “stock up” on spares and store them until needed. Even better, by buying online from Battery Station, our customers gain the benefit of lower pricing on top brand names.

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  • Panasonic CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries | 12 Pack

    Panasonic CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries | 12 Pack


    Sealed in this multi-pack are twelve new Panasonic CR2016 coin cell batteries. Designed for single use, typical applications for CR2016 3V cells include some types of wristwatch, small photographic devices and computer motherboards in addition to...
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