Bulk CR1/3N Coin Cell Batteries

These 1/3N batteries are among the more costly specialist lithium cells when purchased individually. By buying CR13N batteries in bulk packs, consumers and commercial users can save hundreds of pounds over the long term. Because these lithium cells may have a shelf life of as much as 10 years, buying enough to have spares on hand for your devices can be a practical investment, providing the initial savings of bulk packaging, combined with avoiding inflating process over the years.

By buying in bulk through Battery Station, our customers gain even more savings, since our low overhead allows us to sell them at a lower price than standard retail outlets.


  1. Duracell DL1/3N CR1/3N 2L76 Button Cell Battery | 1 Pack

    Button Cells & Coin Cells

    Never miss out on a precious moment or worry about performance while using Duracell 1/3N 13N...

    £2.95 (£2.46 ex. VAT)
  2. Varta CR1/3N 2L76 Lithium Battery | 1 Pack

    Button Cells & Coin Cells

    This lightweight, single-use lithium button cell gives you all the advantages of German technology to help...

    £2.69 (£2.24 ex. VAT)