Energizer ECO Advanced

The award winning Energizer ECO Advanced range of batteries are made with a minimum of 4% recycled batteries, a worlds first. To add to their achievement Energizer have made the ECO Advanced battery the longest lasting and highest performing battery in their alkaline range, further reducing the impact on the planet.

They have done this by closing the loop in the battery recycling system where a portion of the raw material is reused, creating less mining for new material and overall reducing the effect on the planet. Energizer aim to have the ECO Advanced range made of 40% recycled material by the year 2025.

The batteries themselves have an alkaline chemistry and are available in 4 packs of AA and AAA batteries sizes. Their high performance makes them ideal for high drain applications which require either of these battery sizes. They are also suitable for long term storage, holding power for up to 12 years without use.