Ansmann Max-E 9V PP3 HR22 300mAh Pre-charged Rechargeable Battery | 1 Pack

Product code(s): 9V, 6LR61, MN1604, 6LR1, PC1604, 1604LC, K9V, 6AM-6, 4022, 6AM6, E-BLOCK

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Product Description

This 9V rechargeable NiMH battery from Ansmann, the world leader in battery technology, has nearly twice the capacity of similar batteries from other manufactures, to last much longer under load. Thanks to German technology, it also has an extremely low self-discharge rate, meaning it holds its charge longer between uses. That makes it an ideal choice for infrequent-use applications, such as smoke detectors. Compared to Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries, NiMH technology is much more efficient, while significantly less expensive to manufacture than Li-Ion batteries. It's much better for the environment as well, since the lack of harmful materials like cadmium provides a product that's almost completely recyclable. The battery ships fully charged and ready for use.

Ansmann's MaxE technology produces a much higher density charge in a standard package, resulting in dramatically increased capacities. This is the highest capacity 9V NiMH battery available anywhere, with a 300 mAh rating, compared to 150 to 170mAh from competitor's products. It delivers higher output for longer periods of time, resulting in longer run times for devices. A problem inherent in many NiMH batteries is the tendency to self-discharge over time, that is, lose stored power while idle due to internal reaction. That issue has been effectively minimised in this product line, allowing the batteries to retain 80% of their charge over a year in storage.

With the improved performance it offers and the ability to handle hundreds of charges before replacement is necessary, this 9V battery will provide substantial savings over standard alkaline batteries and competitive brands. What's more, when it's finally time to replace this battery, you'll feel good about helping to protect the environment. Why not upgrade all your 9V batteries and save money and the planet?<

This batteries have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU ANN-RB-02151
Manufacturer Part Number 5035453
EAN Code 4013674354535
Weight (g) 49.0000
Chemistry NiMH
Units per box/card 1
Voltage 8.4
Capacity 300mAh
Dimensions (mm) Height: 48.8mm Width: 26mm Depth: 16.9mm
Item Codes 9V, 6LR61, MN1604, 6LR1, PC1604, 1604LC, K9V, 6AM-6, 4022, 6AM6, E-BLOCK
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