Fujitsu Rechargeable Batteries

The Fujitsu range of rechargeable batteries is available in economical packs of four and come in AA and AAA sizes. Across the range there is an energy cell with the power capacity that will be suitable for your exact energy needs; these include 750mAh, 950mAh, 1950mAh and 2450mAh. These potent rechargeable NiMH cells offer a very inexpensive means of running gadgets such as clocks, keyboards and digital mice, children's toys and torches. Because they are rechargeable, they are more environmentally friendly than ordinary disposable batteries and can be recharged many times with no loss of potency.

Fujitsu batteries are bought fully charged and because they have no memory effect can be recharged even though they are not completely empty. Because they have a very steady delivery of power even when not 100 per cent charged, they are particularly ideal for use in electrical equipment where dependability is paramount like digital cameras and flash devices. Storage is not a problem with this range, as each battery has very little self-drainage, so can be used when needed.