Fujitsu AAA Rechargeable Batteries

These AAA Ni-MH batteries are rechargeable and available from Fujitsu in packs of four upwards. Developed by a company that is internationally famous for manufacturing quality energy cells the battery range is available in 750mAh and 950mAh, which is ideal for electric gadgets of a high-drain natures such as MP3 players, digital picture flashes and digital cameras. Other uses for these highly versatile batteries include clocks, children's toys, torches, remote controls for televisions and gates, electric razors and computer accessories.

Because rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly and also more cost-effective than disposables, they are growing in popularity. These AAA cells are fully charged and can be used straight from the packet. They have no memory effect so can be recharged at any point in their cycle and have an extremely low self-drain. Fujitsu cells are perfect for electrical gadgets that are often not used for a significant period of time and can be stored for months with little power leakage. Recharge them hundreds of times with no noticeable downgrading of energy, these batteries are durable and long lasting and above all green.