Ultramax 9V Rechargeable Batteries

Available in individual packs the Ultramax 9V battery range is an economical and greener alternative to disposable alkaline batteries. These 9V batteries utilise NIMH technology and have a power capacity of 160 mAh. Because of the distinct advantages of rechargeable batteries, they have grown in popularity and are used in an enormous variety of electrical devices in homes, offices, shops and factories.

Ultramax 9v cells are perfect for use in handheld electrical devices such as microphones and all types of remote control units. They can also be found in such diverse devices as MP3 players and smoke alarms. The ability to deliver power at a constant rate at any stage in their cycle means that they offer a highly efficient and low maintenance power supply. These batteries are fully charged and can be used straight from the pack. If spare packs are bought for storage, you can rest assured that with very little self-drainage, they will be ready to be used when needed. The average life cycle of one of these batteries is over hundreds of charges, and no memory effect means it can be recharged even when not empty. With the ability to store more energy than NiCad cell variations, the Ultramax 9V range is recommended.