Ultramax AA Rechargeable Batteries

This range of rechargeable NiMH AA cells has been developed by Ultramax for dependability and durability. They are available in economical packs of two and four and have a power capacity of 2500mAh, 800mAh, 2100mAh and 800mAh. These cells can be used in many high-drain electrical gadgets at home or work. The fact that they are engineered to give efficient, durable and 100 per cent constant power, even when nearly empty is crucial, when used in electrical drills, toothbrushes, razors, camcorders, mobile phones and digital cameras. Even though this range of batteries operates at a nominal 1.2V, they will function perfectly in the majority of electrical devices that require 1.5 AA batteries.

NiMH cells have a longer active life than many other battery types and are better for the environment. Because they can operate at optimum levels at temperatures up to -20 degrees centigrade, they can be used on electrical equipment outside. Ultramax rechargeable cells have no memory effect so can be recharged when not empty, and last more than two years with negligible self-discharge.