Ultramax AAA Rechargeable Batteries

This range of Ultramax rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) AAA batteries has been designed to high specification levels and come in packs of two and four for your convenience. With power capacities of 800mAh, 350mAhand 1000mAh, you can be assured that there is a size suitable for your electrical device requirements. The AAA battery type is extremely popular and can be used in a multitude of appliances, which include clocks, remote controls, digital cameras, torches computer keyboards and mice.

With this Ultramax range, you are guaranteed constant power even when the cell is not fully charged. These AAA batteries are particularly suitable to gadgets with high-drain that are in constant daily use. Rechargeable batteries are an economically and environmentally superior to ordinary disposable cells and with the Ultra Max Rechargeable (AAA) series you will always get re-usable power that is long lasting and durable. Ready for use directly from the packet, and with a long life-cycle between charges, these cells will last through hundreds of recharges with no loss of energy. No memory effect means that they can be recharged even when not empty and small levels of self-drainage ensure that they can be stored for months until they are needed.