Xtar 18700 Rechargeable Li-Ion Flashlight Batteries

Our 18700 rechargeable Li-ion flashlight batteries are from Xtar. These high-tech, specialist cells are a great choice for high power torches or e-cigarettes. Xtar’s cleverly designed lithium-ion batteries contain many safeguards to prevent overheating, overcharging and over-discharging, to prolong battery life.

We only supply high quality products and this battery complies with CE and RoHS regulations. Each lightweight cell delivers a nominal voltage of 3.7V with a high charge capacity of 2600mAh. Lithium chemistry means that upon disposal, these batteries will not leak toxic chemicals which could potentially damage the environment.

These batteries need a 2 step charge cycle and will perform best when charged with an Xtar battery charger. Each pack contains 2 18700 batteries.