2702 Scapa Electrical Tape

Scapa 2702 premium quality PVC tape is ideal for primary electrical insulation such as in low and medium voltage cable splices, colour coding, coil wrapping and various industrial applications including automotive wiring looms.

Available in an extensive range of colours including regal stripe (green and yellow), Scapa 2702 electrical insulating tape resists abrasion, corrosion and moisture. Its internal layer of contact-sensitive rubber-based adhesive means it is easy to handle and fit, while remaining soft and flexible with excellent conformability and durability.

In addition to electrical work, 2702 PVC tape can also be used for general repairs, in equestrian sport for horse boots and for strapping sports players' socks or protective shin pads in place.

2702 electrical tape is designed for high dielectric strength and is non-corrosive, self-extinguishing and fully compliant with BS-EN60454-3-1 Type 2 (formerly BS 3924) standards as well as EC Directive 2000/53. The recommended service temperature range is from freezing point up to 90° Celsius.

On sale in 20-metre rolls, Scapa 2702 tape is 0.13 millimetres thick and 19 millimetres wide.