3101 Scapa Tape

Durable and versatile, Scapa 3101 premium grade cloth gaffer tape is manufactured from professional quality waterproof meshed material, with a smooth exterior surface and an internal layer of pressure-sensitive rubber resin adhesive to provide superb bonding.

Designed for heavy-duty usage and construction and industrial applications such as joining, splicing and short-term repairs, other frequent uses of 3101 water resistant gaffer tape include fitting carpets, jointing underlay, sealing containers and reinforcing packaging.

Scapa 3101 gaffer tape has high tensile strength and is hardwearing, yet unwinds freely and can be torn into strips with ease. It resists abrasion and corrosion and has excellent adhesion to steel and other backing materials, as confirmed in tests to European standards. 3101 tape is flexible and highly conformable; it has a low sulphur and halogen content and may be used at temperatures as cold as ‐20 degrees Celsius. The maximum service temperature is 80°C.

We supply Scapa 3101 premium quality water-resistant cloth tape in 50-metre rolls and a selection of colours. The tape is 50 millimetres wide and 0.3mm thick.