3130 Scapa Cloth Tape

Perfect for stage, filming or photography support, Scapa 3130 gaffer tape has a premium quality non-reflective finish, even under the brightest of studio lights. 3130 tape allows you to secure cables and props, keep everything in place and carry out quick impromptu repairs. Suitable for masking equipment and floor marking, this versatile cloth tape is ideal for general applications and can also be used for colour coding, joining and splicing as well as book and spine binding.

On offer in 50-metre rolls in a selection of black, white, blue, red, green and yellow colours, Scapa 3130 waterproof tape tears with ease, yet is robust and durable. Its tensile strength has been confirmed by tests carried out in accordance with IEC 454‐2 standards. Scapa 3130 matt cloth gaffer tape removes easily to leave a residue-free surface. The recommended service temperature range is 0‐60° Celsius.

We supply this product in a choice of 25 or 50-millimetre widths.