3140 Scapa Tape

Scapa 3140 waterproof cloth tape is manufactured from synthetic rayon material that is laminated to 60-micron polythene, with an inner coating of hot melt rubber adhesive for reliable bonding. This versatile, economy grade gaffer tape can be used for reinforcing as well as joining plastic sheeting during interior building work, redecoration or asbestos removal. Its high tack adhesive means it is useful for fixing wiring or cables to floors and walls. Other uses include carpet and underlay fitting, bookbinding and general or improvised repairs.

A cost-effective solution, Scapa 3140 synthetic cloth gaffer tape is well suited to applications where standard tape (which is not water resistant) might lose its adhesion due to humidity or the ingress of damp. The recommended service temperature range is from freezing point up to 60 degrees Celsius.

3140 gaffer tape is 0.2 millimetres thick and available in a selection of colours. We supply this product in single 48-metre rolls with a tape width of 50 millimetres.