3160 Waterproof Cloth Scapa Tape | 50mm x 50m

3160 Scapa tape is made from waterproof cloth with an external layer of polyethylene and an internal coating of rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Versatile and hardwearing, 3160 cloth gaff tape is available in a choice of three colours: black, silver and white.

Frequent uses include sealing double-glazing units, bundling, short-term masking and protecting. It works well for joining plastic sheeting during interior building work or asbestos removal. Thanks to its excellent adhesion, strength and water resistance, 3160 gaffer cloth tape can also be used for sealing medium temperature HVAC ducts. The maximum service temperature is 75 degrees Celsius.

Scapa 3160 is flexible, conformable and easy to tear in other typical applications such as carpet and underlay jointing, fitting and edging. This standard grade gaffer tape adheres well even at low temperatures, down to a minimum of ‐10 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the product range has passed laboratory testing for compliance with IEC 454‐2 international standards.

3160 Scapa general-purpose water-resistant cloth tape comes in 50-metre rolls, with a width of 50 millimetres.