3170 Fluorescent, Waterproof Scapa Tape

Scapa 3170 waterproof tape is made from professional grade cotton cloth. A high thread count ensures excellent tensile strength combined with flexibility, while a coating of semi-synthetic rubber based adhesive delivers firm bonding.

Available in a choice of fluorescent colours including blue, green, orange, pink and yellow, high visibility gaffer tape is ideal for safety signs and hazard warnings, such as markings on steps, stairs, stages, exits and in television studios. These bright colours are also suitable for decoration and artwork in addition to displays with graphics.

3170 tape unwinds smoothly, can be torn into strips and conforms well when applied to irregular surfaces. It resists abrasion and removes cleanly without residue from most materials. This high-grade cloth gaffer tape has passed laboratory testing for adhesion and water resistance, with a recommended service temperature range of between 50 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 10° to 90° Celsius).

We supply Scapa 3170 fluorescent gaffer tape in 25-yard rolls (approximately 23 metres) with a width of 24 millimetres.