Energizer AAAA E96 MN2500 Miniature Batteries | 2 Pack

Product code(s): AAAA, LR61, MN2500, LR8D425, MX2500, E96, N539-ND, E96BP-2

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Product Description

While not the most common battery size for consumer electronics, these AAAA (quadruple-A) cells are the power source engineered into many laser pointers, miniature flashlights, hearing aid controls and remote control units. Like specialty batteries, these can be hard to find at retail outlets. This alkaline miniature battery from Energizer is an economical and long-lasting power source for devices that require this size.

Energizer test data indicates these alkaline cells will provide almost 40 hours of operation in a 75 ohm laser pointer that's used for 1 hour per day. This takes in to account the "rest" period needed by alkaline cells to maintain peak performance. When these batteries are depleted, they're more readily disposable, due to the lack of any mercury or cadmium.

Whether you need replacement AAAA batteries for medical devices, penlights or any other application, there's no reason to buy inferior, no-name cells. Purchase yours right here and save money on high-quality replacements that will provide longer service life and higher output than the competition.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU ENE-AB-02181
Manufacturer Part Number E300131800
EAN Code 7638900202410
Weight (g) 20.0000
Chemistry Alkaline
Units per box/card 2
Voltage 1.5V
Dimensions (mm) Height: 44.5mm Diameter: 10.5mm
RRP Per Box 4.99
Item Codes AAAA, LR61, MN2500, LR8D425, MX2500, E96, N539-ND, E96BP-2
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